The genus Carex of Renfrew County:
A comparative study

By Grant A. Bickel, 2021

Genus Carex Linnaeus, Sedge

With 105 Carex species in Renfrew County, a little more organization is necessary to navigate through the species of interest. So, this page is just a landing page.

I have provided two ways of entry into the species descriptions.

  1. The first is a simple guide which describes the two subgenera, Sections and other diagnostics to reduce the choices considerably. It is found here and also in the header and footer with the GUIDE navigation button. Use it when you want to visualize the way that the Carex species are classified.
  2. The other approach (if you know what species you are looking for) is to click here and also in the header and footer with the LIST navigation button, for a simple alphabetical list linking to all of the Renfrew County Carex species.

Regardless of the choice, drilling down further will take you to a Section page where the species within that Section can be compared or the species of interest can be selected.