The genus Dulichium of Renfrew County:
A comparative study

By Grant A. Bickel, 2020

Genus Dulichium Persoon, Three-way sedge

Dulichium is a monotypic genus, represented by Dulichium arundinaceum only. The name Dulichium commemorates a place name in Greek mythology and arundinacium means "like a reed".

Dulichium arundinaceum (L.) Britton, Three-way sedge

Dulichium arundinaceum is very common in Renfrew County, found in standing water along the shores of ponds, lakes and rivers. When viewed from above, the leaves align in three obvious ranks (Figure 3).

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Inflorescence of Dulichium arundinaceum

Figure 1. Inflorescence.
Spikelet, achenes and scales of Dulichium arundinaceum

Figure 2. Spikelet, achenes and scales.
Dulichium arundinaceum plant viewed from above

Figure 3. Leaves in three ranks.
Habit of Dulichium arundinaceum

Figure 4. Plants in habitat.
Habit of Dulichium arundinaceum

Figure 5. Plants in habitat.
An occurrence map of Dulichium arundinaceum in Renfrew County

Figure 6. Occurence map for Renfrew County and surrounding area.
Verified records for specimens from Renfrew County
Accession # Collector Date
CAN 551742 A. Vogg, S. Thomson, H. Thomson 1989-July-08
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CAN 497238 A. Vogg 1983-August-20
CAN 497211 A. Vogg 1983-August-18
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CAN 570146 T.C. Brayshaw 1957-July-31
CAN 570147 T.C. Brayshaw 1956-September-29
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DAO 245625 W.J. Cody & J.A. Parmelee 1952-August-18
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