The genus Fimbristylis of Renfrew County:
A comparative study

By Grant A. Bickel, 2020

Genus Fimbristylis Vahl, Fimbry

The Fimbristylis genus is represented by only one species, Fimbristylis autumnalis, in Renfrew County.

Fimbristylis autumnalis (L.) Roemer & Schultes, Slender fimbristylis

Fimbristylis autumnalis is sparse in Renfrew County but frequent along the Ottawa River. It is found in late summer on emergent shorelines.

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Spikelet, achenes and scales of Fimbristylis autumnalis

Figure 1. Inflorescence with achenes and scales.
Habit of Fimbristylis autumnalis

Figure 2. Habit.
Habit of Fimbristylis autumnalis

Figure 4. Habit.
Habit of Fimbristylis autumnalis

Figure 4. Habit. Frequently associated with Cyperus bipartitus.
An occurrence map of Fimbristylis autumnalis in Renfrew County

Figure 5. Occurence map for Renfrew County and surrounding area.
Verified records for specimens from Renfrew County
Accession # Collector Date
CAN 585258 D.F. Brunton 1999-July-22
CAN 585337 D.F. Brunton 1998-October-08
DAO 728824 S.J. Darbyshire & S. Meier 1998-September-20
CAN 564756 S.J. Darbyshire & M.E. Darbyshire 1991-August-27
CAN 529808, DAO 575520 S.J. Darbyshire, N. Murry, D. Johnson 1987-October-25
DAO 585244 D.F. Brunton 1987-August-26
CAN 465450 S.J. Darbyshire 1981-August-03
CAN 468007 S.J. Darbyshire 1981-July-09
DAO 329577 S. Hay & C. Morisset 1980-August-23
CAN 570208 T.C. Brayshaw 1962-August-26
CAN 570209 T.C. Brayshaw 1962-August-25
CAN 570207 T.C. Brayshaw 1961-September-09