The genus Schoenoplectiella of Renfrew County:
A comparative study

By Grant A. Bickel, 2020

Genus Schoenoplectiella Lye, Bulrush

Plants in the Schoenoplectiella genus were previously included in Schoenoplectus. The Schoenoplectiella genus is represented by only one species in Renfrew County.

Schoenoplectiella purshiana (Fernald) Lye, Weak-stalked bulrush

Schoenoplectiella purshiana is rare in Renfrew County with one recently verified location on the county boundary and one on the Ottawa River shore. It has been found on floating muck associated with Eleocharis flavescens and on emergent beaches.

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Inflorenscence, scales and achenes of Schoenoplectiella purshiana

Figure 1. Inflorenscence, scales and achenes.
Several small Schoenoplectiella purshiana plants in habitat

Figure 2. Several small plants in habitat.
Schoenoplectiella purshiana plants on emergent beach

Figure 3. Plants on emergent beach.
Schoenoplectiella purshiana plants on emergent beach

Figure 4. Plants on emergent beach.
An occurrence map of Schoenoplectiella purshiana in Renfrew County

Figure 5. Occurence map for Renfrew County and surrounding area.
Verified records for specimens from Renfrew County
Accession # Collector Date
CAN 10170080 G.A. Bickel 2019-August-25
CAN 585376 D.F. Brunton 1998-September-29